Who We Are

The American Butter Institute (ABI) is an Arlington, VA-based trade association for manufacturers, processors, marketers, and Distributors of butter and butter products. Originally established as the National Association of Creamery Butter Manufacturers in 1908. There are currently 27 active member companies that market approximately 90% of all the butter manufactured in the U.S. American Butter Institute is located in Arlington, VA.

Our Mission

American Butter Institute is a non-profit trade association representing member companies across the United States who share a common interest in the butter industry.

Our Objectives

  • To promote and protect the interests and welfare of the butter industry.

  • To act as a clearing house for the exchange of ideas beneficial to butter industry and the public.

  • To keep ABI members informed of legislative proposals or actions concerning the butter industry and of research or other new developments in the industry.

  • To act as the voice for the industry in all matters connected with public relations or cooperation with government agencies.